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About ABest Express

A Best Express is Courier Company established in 1990. With over 100 branches nationwide and growing, and fueled by a passion to “deliver success,” so clients can grow their core business with ease. The company believes its employees are best source of quality for the ABest brand. ABest’s primary goal is to make employees feel great about themselves – “living a life of significance” so they serve with passion the ABest customers. With employees happy, success is delivered faster to clients. ABest Express — delivering success!

Mission: To make employees feel GREAT about themselves, so they can serve with passion those around them. Especially the ABest customers – with excellence.

Vision: To be useful, so clients can focus on their core business with ease.

The ABest Uniqueness

  1. Tried and tested by both multi-national and local banks for over 20 years in delivering their requirements.
  2. Owner-managed and led by female leaders with over 35 years of experience in the courier industry.
  3. Employees bonded by The ABest Culture which guides each employee with a uniform way of thinking and doing. This centers on the following principles:
    a. Purpose fuels my success;
    b. Success starts with me;
    c. Success requires success habits; and
    d. Sharing success is living life with significance
  4. One among a handful of courier companies which operates their own network. ABest delivers in more than 40 provinces, has 60 branches nationwide and continuously expands.
  5. Positions itself as a courier company combining quality service with affordable rates; providing an “affordable alternative” for clients who wants value for money.

ABest At A Glance

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    1. Managed by leaders with over 35 years of courier business experience
    2. One among handful of courier companies with company-owned network nationwide.
    3. Delivers in over 40 provinces nationwide and growing
    4. Accepts in over 60 counters nationwide and growing.
    5. Employs more than 500 employees nationwide.
    6. Tried and tested as an outsource service provider by leading local and multinational banks.
    7. Employees funded by a passion to give clients an ABest experience.
    8. Owner-managed
    9. 100% Filipino owned

  • Client Testimonials

    Thank you ABest Express for the convenience you give to us. No more hassle to carry my heavy package to the nearest courier because ABest offers free pick up at your house. They have friendly staff too! I definitely recommend ABest Express! Keep it up!

    Author's imageAi ChoiBusiness Owner, Jazzy Jaz Online Shop

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  • We’re Still Growing

    With over 100 branches
    nationwide to serve you

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ABest Offers The Best

  • Substantial savings await you via ABest!

    Do you want efficient pick up, delivery and confirmation of your shipments? Look no further! ABest gives you the courier solutions you need!

  • With an experience of 24 years in the industry and a network of over 100 branches nationwide!

    Regardless if you are an individual sender, business owner or a Fortune 500 Company, ABest has the flexibility to suit all your pick up, delivery and confirmation requirements. We love working with all types of client!

  • ABest, the Affordable Best Alternative!

    Allow us to take care of your delivery needs, so you can focus on your core business with ease.

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