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Employee Empowerment

ABest employees are without a doubt, the most important asset of our company. Their core purpose is to be empowered, by being an effective delivery medium between sender and receiver.

For our customers to experience great service, we need to be blessed with employees who are ambitious, committed and works passionately. To put it simply, we believe that if our employees love what they do, they will be able to give the best customer service.

We always aim to help our employees develop themselves to their maximum potential and strive for never ending improvement.

The ABest Express mission is “to make employees feel GREAT about themselves so they serve – with passion, those around them. Especially ABest customers, with excellence”.

Monthly, ABest flies all their branch leaders and selected staff to their headquarters at Pasig, Manila to attend the monthly Prosperity Forum. It is a gathering where all employees’ achievements are recognized and all the rooms for improvement are addressed.

It is a collaborative environment where everyone is expected to have an input and all ideas are heard. The Prosperity Forum is lead by their fearless leader, Teresa Gutierrez who always manages to keep the forum interesting. We believe that our monthly Prosperity Forum makes our employees have a strong bond and helps them grow together even if they work miles apart. Activities range from physical exercises, team building seminars, to listening to our talented guest speakers talk about different topics ranging from spirituality, health marketing etc. We want to make sure that the ABest employee is as well rounded as possible.

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