Frequently Asked Questions


1. How do I ship with ABest Express?

Two sending methods
  1. Visit the ABest Express branch nearest you and drop by your package. Our friendly ABest Express staff would be happy to assist you!
  2. Call our friendly ABest Express so you may schedule a pick-up at your convenience.

Use our Branch Locator to find an ABest branch near you. ABest Express has over 60 branches nationwide to serve your delivery and forwarding needs.

2. What are your products?

Choose from a wide range of products ABest Express has to offer.

Pouch or EP Documents that fit in ABest Express Receptacle
Parcel or EPK

Non-documents that fit in ABest Express Receptacle

Small – 6.5 x 12 in.
Medium – 9.5 x 14 in.
Large – 11.5 x 17 in.

ABest Box

Non-documents that fit in ABest Express Receptacle

3 Kg – 12 x 10 x 5
5 Kg – 14 x 10.5 x 7

ABest Cargo Any document or non-document shipment that doesn’t fit in the ABest Express receptacles and boxes.

Packaging must be your own.

3. What is the weight limit of your pouch and parcel receptacle?

The capacity of our receptacles is for 2kg only.

4. What happens if your shipment does not fit in the ABest Receptacle and Box?

Shipper must now provide his/her own box packaging and that shipment will now be considered an ABest Cargo and will be charged at our cargo rate.

5. How do I know how much is my cargo rate?

Shipper must first have the following facts:

  1. Actual weight of shipment in kilograms
  2. Length, width and height of shipment in centimeters

Next, we have to compute for the volume weight of your shipment using this formula: L x W x H / 3,500 (Fixed value)

Sample Computation

Actual Weight 4 kg
Length 45 cm
Width 13 cm
Height 36 cm

Formula : L x W x H / 3,500 (Fixed value)

Computation : 45 cm x 13 cm x 36 cm / 3,500 = 6 kg (Volume weight)

We compare the actual weight of 4 kg and volume weight of 6 kg

For this shipment, we will use 6 kg as basis for pricing. We follow whichever is higher between the actual weight and volume weight. The chosen higher weight of 6 kg is known as the chargeable weight.

ABest Express charges P180 for the first 3 kg of Cargo Rate and P70 for every additional kilo in excess of 3 kg.


  P180 – (Basic price for first 3 kg cargo rate)
+ P210 – (3 additional kilos x P70 per kg)
  P390 Your cargo’s shipping fee

Please take note that valuation charge will also be added to this.

6. What if I don’t know the measurement and weight of my cargo shipment?

No worries at all. The ABest pick up couriers always carry with them measuring tape and portable weighing scale to compute for your shipment’s chargeable weight.

7. What is the declared value?

All non-document shipments sent through ABest Express requires a Declared Value. The stated declared value by the customer in the Acceptance Receipt shall be refunded in the extremely rare case that your shipment shall be lost while in transit.

The maximum declared value for an ABest Express shipment is P30,000 while the minimum is P500.

8. What is the valuation charge?

All non-document shipments sent through ABest Express requires a Valuation Charge. The valuation charge is 1% of the declared value. The customer pays the valuation charge, on top of the shipping fee. This way, ABest Express shall refund the declared value, in the very rare case that your non-document shipment gets lost.

9. Does ABest Express inspect our shipments?

Yes we do, but always in the presence of the shipper.

10. What are the products not allowed by ABest Express to ship?

The following products are not allowed by ABest Express to be shipped:
  1. Any substance prohibited by Philippine law
  2. Perishable food
  3. Flammable materials
  4. Money in any currency
  5. Jewelries
  6. Pressurized aerosoles
  7. Firearms (or any item resembling it)
  8. Radioactive substances
  9. Live animals
  10. Light bulbs

11. What are your delivery areas?

ABest Express has one of the widest delivery area coverage in the country.

Check out our Delivery Area Coverage page to view the list.

12. Do you offer international shipping?

Yes, we do international shipping! But as of now, we only accept documents.

Kindly contact your nearest ABest branch or visit our Rates page for our pricing.

13. How do I track if my shipment has been delivered?

You must visit our website at and input your tracking number found in your Acceptance Receipt in our Online Tracking system.

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